How To Make

Hot Cross Buns with Custard Crosses

These Classic Hot Cross Buns are Super Easy.

They are perfectly spiced, super fluffy, and finished with a vanilla custard cross.

Soak the fruit and then make the Hot Cross Bun Dough in your mixer. Leave to rise in a warm spot.


Shape the Hot Cross Buns into Buns and place into a prepared Pan.


Rise the Buns in a warm spot until puffy and doubled in size.


Score the buns with a blade or a knife to make a spot for the pastry cream cross


Bake the Buns for 20 minutes. The Cross will open up a little.


Pipe the Custard Cross on top of the buns, and then return to the oven.


Once the buns are baked, remove from the oven and brush with a sugar syrup.


And there you have it - Perfect hot cross buns ready for you to enjoy!