How To Make Dairy Free

Small Batch Brownies

These Brownies are Dairy Free

They are super easy to make, and are made in a loaf pan. They can be made Gluten Free if needed!

Combine granulated sugar, brown sugar, and egg, and whisk until thick and fluffy.


Combine the dry ingredients in a medium bowl - use gluten free flour if needed!


Add the dry ingredients into the wet, and mix until well combined and smooth.


Transfer the batter into a loaf pan and spread out using a spatula.


Add chocolate on the top of the brownies if you like - use dairy free if needed.

Bake the brownies until set around the edges and shiny on top, about 20 minutes.


Transfer the brownies to a chopping board and cut into pieces using a sharp knife.


Perfect, fudgy, small batch dairy and gluten free brownies are ready for you to eat!


And there you have it - super super easy small batch dairy free brownies!