Small Batch Chocolate Cake With Balsamic Berry Filling

This small batch cake is perfect for a tiny celebration or any time that you need some cake! 

Make your layers - combine wet and dry ingredients in a bowl.

Then the secret trick to super rich chocolate cake - bloom your cocoa in a boiling water then add to the mixture. 

Divide your batter between pans and then bake. 

Make your balsamic berry filling - cook everything together then reduce the juices until thick.

Make your Swiss meringue and beat until stiff peaks form, then incorporate in the butter. 

Add cooled melted chocolate and cocoa powder and mix to incorporate. 

Layer your cake with buttercream then pipe a dam of frosting around the outside and fill with filling. 

The frosting dam prevents any spillage. Top with the second cake layer.

Then cover the whole cake with frosting and finish as desired. 

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